Buy Personal Use Mini Hand Sanitizer In Bulk Today

Sugar Creek offers personal use mini hand sanitizers in bulk. Now is the perfect time to purchase bulk peronal use mini hand sanitizer, and buying in bulk means having more than enough sanitizer on hand. 

1 Products

There's several products to choose from, with one being a bulk 2 Oz hand sanitizer pack of five. Another option is a pack of 15 2 Oz hand sanitizers.  Then there are 30 packs and a case of a 100 2 Oz hand sanitizers. Asides from those, there is the option to purchase a gallon of hand sanitizer. 
Bulk mini hand sanitizer can be purchased by pallet-load. As of now, Sugar Creek sells a pallet of 5,000 bottles of 2 Oz hand sanitizers. This option is ideal for those who need to use sanitizer on a consistent basis and by the bulk load, such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants and so forth. 

2 Who Should Order Bulk 4 Oz Hand Sanitizer

As previously mentioned, a number of places should order mini hand sanitizer in bulk (by the pallet-load). However, care workers, schools, shops and medical offices are other types of places/people that should order sanitizer in bulk. People who are vulnerable or at risk of getting sick should order mini hand sanitizer. Not everyone needs hand sanitizer by the pallet, so feel free to order a gallon of hand sanitizer, a pack of 5, 15 or thirty.

3 Features

Sugar Creek's 2 Oz hand sanitizer, as well as the gallon of hand sanitizer contains at least 70% alcohol. In order for hand sanitizer to kill the novel Coronavirus, it needs to contain a minimum of 60% of alcohol, according to the FDA. This means Sugar Creek's hand sanitizer is effective at killing off germs and bacteria. In fact, it will kill 99.9% of germs, which is why it's a good idea to buy bulk mini hand sanitizer from Sugar Creek. 
All of the hand sanitizers sold by Sugar Creek is unscented. When customers purchase mini hand sanitizers in bulk, they don't have to worry about overpowering scent when the sanitizer is applied. Not only that, but it dries very quickly.

Let's not forget to mention that although the sanitizer dries quickly, it will leave the hands moisturized. Many other hand sanitizers leave hands feeling extremely dried shortly after they are applied. This isn't the case with Sugar Creek's hand sanitizers, and the reason why is because the sanitizer is made with quality ingredients.
The consistency meets FDA standards, as well as WHO standards. This means the hand sanitizers that Sugar Creek produces have a consistency similar to water viscosity. Furthermore, the sanitizer can be used in a spray bottle, which people can't do with sanitizer that has gel-like consistency.

4 Prices

A case of 100 will cost just under $250, while a 30 pack is priced at $89.99. A 15 pack goes for $49.99 and the 5 pack option costs $19.99. The gallon of hand sanitizer costs $69.99. 

As for bulk 2oz hand sanitizer by the pallet load, customers need to contact Sugar Creek for a price. Just like the other options, consumers can rest assured that a pallet of 5,000 bottles is priced competitively. Simply call or send an email to Sugar Creek to request the price.

5 Shipping & Returns

When customers order bulk hand sanitizer, it will be shipped within 24-48 hours, but this is due to the current demand for hand sanitizer. As of now, Sugar Creek ships orders that are within the United States, and all orders are currently sent via UPS. 
Returns are not accepted by Sugar Creek. This is due to the nature of the product, but this is standard across the industry. However, cancelling an order is allowed, but customers cannot return it. 

Buying bulk mini hand sanitizer is easy, as all people have to do is browse the selection that Sugar Creek offers and then choose the products they want. Once they pay for it and enter their shipping info, Sugar Creek will send out their order as soon as possible. With the current pandemic, now is the perfect time to order mini hand sanitizer bulk products.