Q. What is the consistency of your hand sanitizer?

A. Our FDA approved liquid sanitizer is the consistency of water. Our FDA approved citrus scented gel sanitizer is a thin gel to ensure that it covers as much of the surface of the hand before evaporating away with little residue. 


Q. Do your gallons include pump tops?

A. They do not include pump tops, but we do offer them on the website to accompany your purchase. 


Q. What is the alcohol % of your sanitizer?

A. All of our sanitizer is a minimum of 70% alcohol content.  The FDA states that a minimum of 60% is needed to kill COVID-19.


Q. When did Sugar Creek Sanitizer open?

A. The company formed in March when the pandemic hit. We worked rapidly to help keep America safe. We have made 1000's of donations to hospitals, schools, police departments, fire departments, and other essential businesses to help our community fight against Covid-19.